A complete transport solution

​Like all Iveco vehicles, New Daily van is a complete transport solution, which includes not only product supply richest category (over 7,000 factory settings), but also a wide range of tailored services:

the funding to full-leasing
after-sales expertise ready to offer a wide range of services
the accessories to make it your own Daily

An installment convenient to start your work immediately

A wide range of financial solutions , designed to meet all the needs of Iveco customers : this is the range of Iveco Capital.

Funding Instalment.
It is the ideal solution for those who want to be owner of the vehicle immediately and intend to use it for a long period of time. It can cover up to 100% of the sale price of the vehicle. Deposits can be customized to adapt to the actual financial resources , the nature of its business and operating requirements of the vehicle.

Finance Lease.
With so many different opportunities allows companies to use the Iveco vehicles necessary for their activities without this serious investment on their budget since the ownership of the vehicle remains the societàfinanziaria . The advantages for the companies , so they can free up financial resources to devote to their core business. The payment can be customized to suit individual needs. Especially liked the Soft Leasing , a formula that facilitates the purchase with fees Initials "lighter " .

Operating leases.
It is a comprehensive product that allows the customer to use the vehicle and replace it at the end of the agreed period , from the start by defining the economic and financial commitment with a monthly fee in relation to the actual needs. No other commitments at the end of the lease and without affecting neither the company nor the liquidity of bank credit lines . The ownership of the vehicle remains the finance company. An operating lease can be integrated with the choice of different services After-sale Iveco to better respond to customer needs.

Iveco Capital services are available at all Iveco dealerships.
The approval is subject to the evaluation of the practice of Iveco Capital. The financial terms Possoni undergo adjustment due to changes in market interest rates . At the dealer network members will find the offers valid for the current month (while supplies last).

The first service is your complete satisfaction

The Service Iveco takes you mile after mile with expertise , professionalism and commitment.

We know that is a job for you to travel , to play in the peace of mind and the security of always and immediately receive all necessary assistance .
By committing to respect the values ​​of the Iveco service , we want to ensure your complete satisfaction. In Italy , in the trucking industry , no one can compete with the Iveco service network : 87 dealers with inventory parts , more than 700 authorized workshops distributed throughout the country

Your vehicle in good hands

Welcome to the world of accessories and EcoDaily Iveco Daily .

A complete range of innovative products of the highest quality to meet your every desire. An easy and affordable for everyone to customize your vehicle , adapting it to the specific needs
working . Thanks to the high standards of safety, convenience and comfort achieved by technological and stylistic research Iveco's Accessories Line is able to make unique your Daily.

Travel serene with Iveco

Iveco has always been a leader in the world of transport .

With reliability and excellence ensures maximum results in any work , thanks to the Origin 100 % Iveco parts and expertise of its Service Network .

To reduce the maintenance costs of your vehicle, sustaining value for a long time and eliminate unexpected downtime , Iveco has created Elements : a wide range of assistance programs individually designed to suit every need and keep in perfect form each vehicle.

Three major maintenance contracts -base provided :
• Standard (full ), which includes all the interventions of ordinary and extraordinary maintenance to total coverage of the vehicle.
• Driveline which includes all routine maintenance more specific assistance for the powertrain.
• Fast which includes the only routine maintenance.


A certainty prolonged

You always want to travel serene?

As an alternative to maintenance contracts and repair Iveco offers you the services extended warranty . For more time you can be confident that your vehicle is repaired with the high professionalism that distinguishes the Iveco service network .

And with the services extended warranty (which can affect Driveline or complete vehicle) you will be entitled to 24 hour rescue with towing included on the whole national territory.


Leave us your contact details and one of our experts will contact you to help you understand the best solution for you.

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