3.0 litre Common Rail

The 3.0 engine (available on all models) has great torque and power.
The 3.0 HPI deliver s 146 HP (107kW), with torque of 350 Nm.

The highest torque at the lowest number of revolutions, combined with the movement of the rear traction, make the NEW DAILY unbeatable on any road.
The turbine guarantees high performance levels and optimises the inflow of air to the combustion chamber.

​Because we are constantly thinking ahead, the NEW DAILY engine is designed with tomorrow’s world in mind - a world where efficiency, environmental awareness and intelligent use of resources will be increasingly significant. The quality of our engines is shown by a constant maximum torque over a wide range, available from the lowest engine speed, meaning they are comfor table in heavy traffic and respond quickly to sudden acceleration. The reduced strain on the engine means lower fuel consumption, increased productivity and less mechanical stress, ensuring a longer lifespan. The high level of innovation makes the NEW DAILY engine among the most eco-friendly on the market: this means fewer traffic restrictions today and a higher residual value tomorrow.

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