Comfortable, manageable, and pleasant to drive

Daily is characterised by ease of cab access - thanks to the wide opening of the doors and anti-slip steps. The cab is optimally sound-proofed and climate controlled, and was designed to advanced ergonomic principles:

The gear shift lever in the dash, the steering wheel and the controls adopting car styling, the many storage compartments within easy reach of the driver (from the document clip to the 4 DIN sized compartments). All of these features make the Daily a pleasant working environment, improving concentration and reducing driver fatigue.

The easy cross cab access allows the driver to get out from either side of the vehicle - a great advantage when loading and unloading in tight spots.

The seats with integrated headrests are finished in new materials, and the driver's seat has three adjustment levels, height, reach and rake. It is also optionally available in heated, lumbar support, heated suspended with lumbar support and arm rest versions.

On the passenger side you can choose between a double seat or adjustable single seats, there is also an optional 6 litre storage drawer under the dual passenger bench.

The manoeuvrability of the Daily is enhanced by the wide steering angles, allowing exceptional agility in small spaces.


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