Hi Driving Confort


​Attention to detail.

The interior has been completely re-designed. The functional and ergonomic new dashboard is made with the utmost attention to detail, using non-reflective, soft-touch materials (the surface finish is obtained by implementing the same processes as used for premium passenger cars).
The controls have been re-positioned around the dashboard and central area, making them easily visible and accessible without raising your back from the seat, providing maximum driver safety.


Every feature of the new STRALIS is designed to improve quality of life on board, including the new steering wheel with integrated telephone controls, the pneumatic steering wheel adjustment system and the new heated and ventilated seat with height-adjustable, integrated seat-belt.


To ensure unrivalled driver comfort, the already class-leading soundproofing of the cab has been improved again, and interior noise levels have been further reduced by 1 more decibel.


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